Monday, February 6, 2012

Raw Dark Chocolate...

At Christmas this last year I tasted the best Chocolate I have ever was made by my niece Shawna, she had brought some for my Mothers' gift and I got to have a little melts in your mouth. It is creamy and rich and oh so delicious...and after much begging, I got Shawna to agree to share her recipe with us, just in time for Valentines let me introduce you.

This is the amazing and beautiful Shawna, daughter London and husband Laughton. Shawna is thoroughly enjoying motherhood and is embracing all the wonder it brings...she is a wonderful cook! She leans toward all the healthy options for her family...I wrote about Shawna giving birth almost 2 years ago titled Grandmothers ...she is the daughter of my brother. I hope you all love Shawna as much as I do!

These velvety, dark chocolates are always in the freezer at our house to satisfy my insatiable chocolate sweet tooth. This recipe is so quick and easy and almost guilt free with the amazing benefits of coconut oil and cacao.

Raw Dark Chocolate:
½ cup Organic Cacao Powder (Purchased from Marlene’s or wholefoods)
½ cup Pure Maple Syrup
½ cup Coconut Oil
1 tsp Vanilla
½ cup chopped nuts of your choice, dried berries, coconut flakes or cacao nibs (optional)

Just a few simple ingredients...

add all the ingredients to the blender.....

If you don’t have a blender then mix liquid ingredients together in a bowl. Add cacao powder into liquid ingredients and mix until chocolate is smooth

Pour mixture into molds or spread on a plate lined with parchment paper.  Stir in nuts, berries or coconut.  You can also sprinkle those on top after you pour chocolate into molds

Place in the freezer to harden

Remove from freezer and Enjoy !!

Thank you Shawna! I can hardly wait to make these...They taste like a truffle with a fraction of the work!

Cheers to Happy  !!