Thursday, September 6, 2012

Parmesan Cod...

                                                                       Parmesan cod
doesn't it seem like all my posts have been very easy things to make lately? I know....It has been a pretty busy summer. I haven't canned, made jam or any of the things I usually do this time of year...I will maybe make pickles....I think I still can do that and maybe feel like I accomplished something this summer. This easy dinner, has been advertised lately on the TV...I think they make it with chicken, but I have heard of doing it with I thought I would try it. It is easy and moist and flavorful! It really looks like you did something special. Add a salad and you have a great, quick dinner for guests.

I used 2 pounds of cod. about an inch thick. Lay out in a baking dish. I used foil on a broiler pan.

coat the fish with a thick layer (really thick) of mayonaise. then sprinkle with pepper. no salt just pepper.

then liberally spread with shredded parmesan...coat very thick. (lots of salt in the cheese) put in a 425 degree oven for 20 minutes...

I made a pineapple salsa to go with it.... just minced fresh pineapple, cilantro, onion and jalapeno...and a sqeeze of lime juice.

after 20 minutes check your fish for want it a deep golden brown...

you will absolutely love this! Promise, the coating is crispy and flavorful, no one would guess that the secret ingredient is mayonnaise...enjoy!

Cheers to Happy  !!


  1. A friend fixed chicken years ago and said she used Miracle Whip. I always wanted to try that. I am still scared to bake fish, but I am going to get over my fear some day. My Mom hated fish so I never was exposed to it. Other than the deep-fried stuff I fixed in a restaurant.

  2. Look at that - you've been +1'd. It would be cooler except I have no one in my circles.