Wednesday, November 6, 2013

Home Made Dark Truffle Oil Fries...

Dark Truffle oil...hmmmm...This intensely fragrant finishing oil is made from the highest quality Italian olive oil infused with clean, concentrated black winter truffles. Wonderfully earthy, it's heaven when used in risotto, pasta, or egg dishes or when drizzled over fresh mozzarella pizza or macaroni and cheese. I have read many times about truffle oil and still have never had it. It might be because of the price. It is very pricey..anywhere from $10 dollars to $50 dollars. I found mine at Trader Joes and paid the $10 dollars. I knew it was a gamble but I was sure I would love it. My boss at work has suggested we make Truffle fries on a new menu. I knew I better step up my game and at least try it. Man oh man, am I glad I did. It is so flavorful and delicious. There is no need for ketchup. It is so good plain.
cut your fries in even strips or use a mandolin to make even fries.

deep fry at 375 until perfectly golden brown.

drain the oil off on a piece of paper towel and sprinkle with course salt and pepper.

then sprinkle with the black truffle oil...

I used a separate pan. use sparingly. It doesn't take much.

toss back and forth...

place on a paper towel and shred parmesan cheese on top...

Now serve the very best French fries you have ever eaten! Guaranteed!!!
Cheers to Happy !!!

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