Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Raspberry's and Blueberry's....

Raspberry's and Blueberry's, I grew up here in the Puyallup Valley and spent many of the summers of my teens picking berries. I sure ate my share! One for the box and one for me! I was never a good picker!!!...I am old and this is the first time in my life I have owned my own berry bushes! I love raspberries more than anyone else I know...and still had not had bushes until now...it is the funnest thing to go outside and stand and eat your own berry buffet..."I will this eat this one warmed by the sun" and, " this one I just will blow this bug off and down it goes", yum! I am like a crazed woman and can't get enough of them....

I pick them almost every day...and I eat them all, seriously I do!

Isn't this the prettiest picture! so northwest!

and here is the buffet line over at the blueberry bushes....

they are so perfect and so sweet and delicious....

Please don't wait until you are old to plant berries...It is one of the happiest things I have ever done!!!

Cheers to Happy  !!


  1. Growing up we had a blueberry bush and I loved going out to feast on that buffet line. I'm going to take your advice and work on getting a few bushes in my garden. I do love the raspberry's oh so much too, I just really hate how they bully the yard and take over.

    I must say, I really, really love your blog Aunt Debbie and getting inspired by your recipes. xox

  2. I am just sure I love raspberries just as much. Gosh, I hated to pick those buggers. In the morning, the bushes dripped dew down your sleeves, and in the afternoon it was so hot so you took off your long sleeved shirt and got scratched to high heavens. Plus, it took a jillion to fill a little box...especially if you ate more than you put in the box. :)