Monday, October 25, 2010


This is my sister Mary and nephew Matthew....aren't they the cutest in the whole world? Yes Mary is as nice as she looks in these pictures and Matthew is the best, sweetest spirited boy...he is a great helper.....take it away Mary!

We are so fortunate to live in the northwest.  We enjoy the abundant harvest of so many wonderful fruits and vegetables.  I live on a few acres that have been in my family for over 100 years.  The apple trees here were planted in the 1890's.  My Aunt Janet told us on Saturday that some people came through the area all of those years ago saying they were related to Johnny Appleseed.  My great-grandfather was lucky enough to procure some of these trees.  All of these years later they are still bearing fruit.  This year we waited until after the first frost to press apples.  After the first frost it brings up the sugar in the apples and yes it is true.
So we don't have our own cider press and it got a little exciting trying to find one.  I finally went on to Facebook and put out the word that we were looking.  And sure enough right away my friend Bev got in touch and said she thought she could get a hold of her Dad's press.  (he is in his 90's) I can only imagine how old this press is.

We scrubbed it all up and figured out how to make it work,  It is absolutely amazing.  You will see as you follow along with the pictures.

Matthew the most wonderful helped with everything all day.  Here we are putting cheese cloth in the cylinder that catches the crushed apples.  It make it easier to empty as you go along.

We got everything ready that we could think of before our company arrived.  First I should say that part of our family tradition is to have a party for any reason, any time, any where.  So that being said I issued an invite for everyone to come to the hill on Saturday the 23rd.  At high noon.  Bring along a little side dish or dessert.  We served hot dogs.  We got some RSVP's and knew that others would show up.  The morning started off slow and the rain seemed relentless.  I being a little dramatic at times. (not kidding here) thought we should call it all off.  Fortunately before I went completely crazy I called my Aunt Janet.  She was pretty clear about what we should do.  "I got up early and am cooking Corned Beef and Cabbage.  We might not press apples but we will eat" Huh?  Enough said.  The show would go on...

Matthew and I went down and surveyed the trees and apple situation.  As you can see these are very old trees.  This tree fell over a few years ago and has been bearing more fruit than ever before.  Much easier to pick as well.  These trees are the big dog grand daddy Standards.  Only the best for these Swedes.

The chickens just seemed to know what was coming, they made short work of the leavings from the pressing.  The turkeys are destined to be Thanksgiving dinner.  I am trying to win them a little reprieve.  Maybe we should wait until Easter?  Just wondering...

Isn't this wheel beautiful, I felt so lucky to be able to use this.  Thank you Bev!

Did I tell you about the little cockleburs that were climbing in the tree.  My friend suggested I clear these out before next year.  Makes sense.  I will put that on my list. Ha....

Well we all picked apples.  These are the best of times and the things that brings family and friends together ....making memories for all of us.

Team work,  see we all learn lessons here.

Ok we may have had a little lolly gagging going on too.  Hahaha.  You can't see me playing I am behind the camera.

Ok time to get busy. Jody looks happy...

It was quite an operation.  Everyone wanted to help.  Follow along and watch the action.

The apples go from the little trailer in to a water bath in the wash tub and then into the press.

It looks like they were taking one for the team and trying the first taste.  No it was yours truly.  Just needed to show them we would not die,  Oh trust me Yum.  It is the best ever this year.  We passed the cup around all everyone was in agreement. The work was just beginning keep looking.

Hams' both of them.  Aunt Janet and Perry.  Paul is making sure they don't spill any.


This is a glimpse in to the hopper very simple but efficient press.

The chickens were delighted with their sweet apple treat.

Melanie was kind enough to be in charge of the bottling station.  I called this area the moshe pit. The walkway was a great place for observing.

Looks like Aunt Janet is giving advice.  Funny.

Jaegar and I thinking we are doing something.  Ha. We look good though.

Sweetest apple cider ever.

Diana documenting the fun.

Jody cleaning up the cider press.  It was the best.

This is Jack.  He was showing us how to eat hotdogs the right way.  You start in the middle!!! Try it.  Why wait around.  Get to it.  Right to the middle where the good stuff is.

Beautiful apples. Old tree.

Time to put the press away and wait for next year and a whole lot of fun on the hill!!!

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  1. These are great pictures and memories. I love, love, love Mathew's hair! I was afraid in the one picture, he looked as if he would get it caught in the press. That is natural curl?! I am so jealous!