Wednesday, March 16, 2011

But for the Grace of God....

This is a picture of Sendai a bustling port town. A town completely taken out by the Tsunami.

I am deeply awed by the grace of the Japanese people in the wake of last weeks horrific disaster.....The humble consideration they show towards each other...their calmness and the orderly way they go about their trial...When Japan lost a large chunk of its electricity-generating capacity to the three punch of earthquake, tsunami and nuclear disaster.... one of the world’s most technologically advanced societies was turned overnight into one of a Third World.

Japan has 55 nuclear reactors....out of Japans 55 reactors...1/5 of them were knocked out, reducing their power...well over a million people  have none or limited power, water or shelter...The number of nuclear plants they have off line is far greater than the generating capacity of the Grand Coulee Dam, the largest single power generating plant in the (U.S.) Northwest.

The transportation and communications systems were largely stopped and large areas of the country remain   without safe drinking water...many of the population are scavenging the wreckage for food, and warm clothing as the temperatures are freezing at night...portable shelters are being made and everyone seems to be helping each other...there is report after report of the kindness and caring that has been demonstrated.

The rationing is causing discomfort in many places, along with residents accepting the generosity of others in a country that is accustomed to modern efficiency and self reliance.

I guess it is natural for everyone at a time like this to think about this happening to us, in our homes...We here in the Northwest live in a likely earthquake zone, we are located on top of the fault line. and then, there is the likelihood of our beloved mountain erupting. But wherever you live, there are also catastrophe's that can hit you...hurricane, tornado or floods. The US has 104 we all know where they are located and how many are in your area?

I have been thinking what I would do if we were faced with such a tragedy. Would I have such grace? Would I be so considerate? Would I be willing to share my food supply with strangers? I am not sure, being faced with such adversity how I would re-act. But, if I prepare well...and have a plan...I hope to do just that.....

So the time is right to come up with a plan of action to take care of myself and my family....FEMA has suggested that we all have a 72 hour for each member in your family...One that you can pick up and take with you at a moments notice and live on... most help will be on its way with-in 3 days.....In my mind I have been packing my backpack...this could turn into a fun project! I know I would want a change of clothes, and a warm blanket and battery powered lamp...many candles, that doesn't require cooking...water, lots of water, and a hairbrush and rubber bands..and toothbrush and tennis shoes..and a wind up radio with a cell phone charger...and a book...(this reminds me of the Steve Martin movie, The Jerk, where he is picking up things as he is leaving, first saying he doesn't need anything except this paddle ball, then the ashtray, then the matches, then the lamp and finally the chair)....

 there is a great web site where you will find everything you need , including filled backpacks and other emergency supplies, They also have shelf stable foods that will keep for a very long time...

 check out what Fema says, they know their stuff...they have great ideas for any terrible tragic disaster..

once you have your kit assembled, it is a great idea to stock your larder food you like and use on a regular plenty to share, look into a portable cooking stove, and some long term survival items. If you add as you can, the expense won't be such a hardship. 

My heart is with Japan...

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  1. Thank you for this wonderful blog. My heart is with Japan, also. We will never forget this in our lives. And yes, it could easily be us. We can take a lesson from Japan.