Sunday, August 14, 2011

Deep fried Chicken....

My sister, Mary started this, she put on facebook that she was at 2121 eating chicken and joe's...all my adult life (until now, going gluten free) I have gone to a local tavern, called 2121 for drummetts and joe's....well done with skinny joe' get a horseradish cocktail sauce and sour cream joe-joe goes perfectly with an ice cold is, hands down, the best chicken you could ever our family it is where you take all your out of town guests, and celebrate birthdays...2121....go there, oh please just go there! and if you can't travel all the way to Washington can make this to satisfy your craving!

you start with chicken breasts....I used 4......cut into as even sizes as I could...making chicken strips or fingers....(thank me for not making gross chicken picture big....)

mix 2 eggs with a little cream in one bowl.....and 2 cups of flour (I used gluten free all purpose) and a large heaping teaspoon of baking powder,(very important to give it the poof) season your flour well with 1 tsp of chipolte powder, some salt, pepper, and garlic powder...dip your chicken in the egg then the flour mix....sorry guys couldn't take a picture of that...icky fingers....

lay out on a tray....put in the fridge while you get the rest ready....

heat oil until 365 degree's...add chicken a little at a want there to be space around the chicken....cook until golden brown, remove to keep warm while you cook the rest of the batches....

it is crispy and crusty and moist inside.....hands down the best chicken you could ever serve!

just because I had the oil hot I made homemade fries...oh baby!

the chicken, the greasy fries, the cocktail sauce and seasoned sour cream sauce...oh yeah!

Good eats at the Rushton house, come and get it!!!

Cheers to Happy  !!

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