Tuesday, August 9, 2011


I have been talking about my chickens for a while now....they are my little friends, and they make me happy...they have personalities and are such fun to watch! and the bonus?

You get to have eggs...beautiful, perfect eggs....if you feed your chickens well, the nutritional value in the eggs go up...they love flaxseeds and cheese and sunflower seeds and all kinds of fruits and vegetables...
If you aren’t able to raise your own chickens, then get the eggs you want from your local market. What’s the difference between a Conventional egg and Cage Free egg? This is from the U. S. Department of Agriculture to clarify egg carton labels.

Conventional: Hens live in stacked cages, usually four to eight chickens to a cage with at least 67 square inches of floor space per chicken.
Cage Free: Hens live on the floor of a barn rather than the outdoors or in a cage.
Free Range: Hens live outdoors or have limited access to the outdoors.
Organic: Hens are fed vegetables grown without any antibiotics, growth hormones or commercial fertilizers.
Omega 3: Hens are fed a diet containing ground flax seed, which produces eggs containing slightly more polyunsaturated fatty acids.

Or home grown...it is the best! They are yellower..they stand up taller in the pan...and definitely fresher...I recently built a summer house for the chickens...When the chickens were loose running around the yard, they were quite nuisances...and always getting into the garden and digging in the flowers...little pests...

this is called a chicken tractor...For my 400th blog, I will write about and show you how it was done..in pictures anyway...you can drive it around the yard, giving them some new bugs and vegetation to eat...this is perfect for the backyard chicken farmer...the chickens? they prefer to be loose, but are adjusting to their new house...

Cheers to Happy  !!

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