Friday, November 2, 2012

Meatloaf Mashed Potato Cupcake...

meatloaf cupcake?
The cupcakes are fabulous! I can hardly wait to make them for my grandchildren, they will love them! I was looking for a recipe to serve to the children at the Ronald McDonald house this December...I wanted something special but something all ages would love...I think this is it! I certainly loved it, and I think you will too!!! Very easy to make gluten-free and very easy to sneak in a few extra ingredients. Like shredded carrots or other vegetables in the meatloaf. More cheese in the mashed. Maybe substituting some sweet potatoes in the mashed...making them a healthier dinner....(if you want)

make your favorite meatloaf recipe...I used ground hamburger, veal and ground pork. I seasoned with chopped onion, crushed garlic, salt, pepper, basil flakes, Italian seasoning, bread crumbs and an egg...mixed very well...but you make the one you like....

make into a small ball size and put into a cupcake pan, first sprayed with cooking in 400 degree over for 30 minutes....(please ignore the yukky pan)

meanwhile boil potatoes and mash with, butter, sour cream, Parmesan cheese and salt and pepper...thin with half and half if needed...make your favorite recipe....

take little cakes out of the oven...they need to be at least 165 internally...

get out your pastry bag...and place the big tip on it....put the mashed potatoes in it and...

pipe the mashed on top.....looks like frosting, huh?

place back in the oven under the closely so you just brown...they are hot and ready to serve....

these will be your favorite, go to family dinner. Serve with a salad and you are there!!! I will be taking the leftovers to work...What a fun food to pack or freeze and have ready to eat. Can't wait!

Cheers to Happy  !!


  1. Yay, I work tomorrow. I can't wait. Don't forget them.

  2. I love meatloaf and a dollop of mashed potatoes would just make it better. Inspired!

  3. Ho ho! You hit on a good one here! I must try this one! My daughter loves my meat loaf and she loves mashed potatoes. Who doesn't? :)