Wednesday, October 9, 2013

Infused Water...

It is fall in the Pacific Northwest. Today is one of those crisp fall days, the leaves are turning and starting to fall. Our Mountain is full of snow, and she is absolutely, breathtakingly stunning!

I haven't posted one of my favorite things in quite a while. I found and bought these jars a month or so ago. First I wasn't sure what I was going to do with them, maybe use them for canning. Do you ever see something at the store and you must have it? You don't need it, but you convince yourself you do.
Well I needed these jars, really, really needed much so, that I went back and bought another pack for back-up in case I broke a jar....
I started using them for beverages, and liked them so much that I rearranged my cupboard and now they have permanent residence there...For several weeks I have been making my own infused water. This one is just slices of lemon, lime, orange, cucumber and mint...You can refill it daily. Use the same fruit in it for up to 3 days before slicing some new. It is delicious and I am sure healthy!
Cheers to Happy !!


  1. Oh Debbie I love those glasses!!! What a lovely post - and our mountain in all it's Fall beauty! Thank you.

  2. Yes, I am certain if I saw those, I would have bought them, too. All the above in my water except the cucumber, please. :)