Thursday, December 3, 2009

Kenny and Zuke's

Today I went to Portland to do some Christmas shopping...I walked all over the town, went into many department stores, specialty shops and bookstores....Everything was decorated for the Christmas season and music was playing everywhere. There were street musicians and roasted chestnuts for sale on the street.

Well I never bought one gift...every store I went into, I would really be looking for a gift for someone , when something for myself would jump right out at me...sometimes I even pretended I was looking at an item, contemplating buying it for someone, then realized I was the one that really wanted that....I did buy myself a few
several things....I took my self to lunch and want to tell you about the best sandwich I have ever eaten...really, this is worth a drive... Kenny and Zuke's Delicatessen...

They make their own pastrami...they cure it for 5 days then smoke it for 10 hours then steam it for 3 hours.
It is all hand sliced a quarter of an inch thick..see?

                                                                  this is the Ken's Special
pastrami, chopped liver and coleslaw

This is the salami and Pastrami....mmmmm

This is the Pastrami Reuben.....I could go on and on like this....

ok one more then that's it.....the Sabrett Hot Dog...with sauerkraut...Sabrets's is the brand of hot dog they sell on the streets of New York, the one's with the blue and yellow umbrellas.

"If there's a better pastrami anywhere in the world -- never mind New York -- I haven't had it."
They have a huge menu, different combinations of meats..they even have 10 different kinds of Root Beer.. oh and desserts, oh yes desserts....

If you are in Portland go there....really just go there for a sandwich...I would...and did...

Cheers to Happy  !!


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  1. Holy cow. What sandwiches! I want to go there. I thought I only wanted to move to Portland for Powells Books, but what a bonus this would be.