Saturday, January 1, 2011

Grilled Beef Tenderloin with Balsamic fig glaze....

It is very wintry here in the beautiful Pacific Northwest...It is cold, icy and snowy...Our mountain, Mount Rainier is out with all her glory...that is what we say here on a clear winter day...Our mountain is is the most spectacular majestic sister Mary took this picture this morning...we have had the most fantastic colorful sunrises rising up over mountain this week, the most awesome ribbons of pink....

Even though it is winter, it is still a good time to barbecue...really quite perfect! The wonderful charred flavor is perfect anytime...Grilled Beef Tenderloin is so tender, you can cut it with your fork...and the balsamic vinegar adds a savory flavor!

Grilled Beef Tenderloin with Balsamic fig glaze


•2 cups dark balsamic vinegar
•1 tablespoon granulated sugar
•1/2 cup brewed strong dark roast coffee
•1/4 cup figs
•2 1/2 to 3 pounds beef tenderloin, Chateaubriand cut
•Salt and freshly ground black pepper


In heavy-bottomed sauce pot, over low heat, add the vinegar and reduce it by half, stirring constantly. Add the sugar, coffee and figs and further reduce by 1/3 volume, continue to stir throughout this step. Remove from the heat when you have 3/4 cup liquid remaining. Pour the glaze through a strainer into a small bowl, discarding the solids. Let will be the consistency of honey...
Preheat the grill to 300 degrees F.
Season the beef tenderloin with salt and pepper, to taste, and put on the preheated grill. Cook on each side until desired temperature is reached, about 7 to 8 minutes for medium-rare. Remove from the grill and evenly brush the tenderloin with the balsamic glaze. Return the beef to the grill for 5 minutes, allowing the glaze to coat the meat. Remove the tenderloin from the grill to a cutting board and let rest for 5 minutes. Slice, arrange on a serving platter and serve.

pull out the barbecue, dust it off and get ready to grill!

add the balsamic vinegar to a heavy bottom saucepan and over medium heat reduce by half....

add the coffee and figs and reduce by about half again...strain and set aside to cool...

barbecue at 300 degree to desired doneness...then brush with the sauce and return to grill for another 5 minutes..

let rest for at least 5 minutes, before slicing....

arrange on plate and drizzle with the remaining balsamic sauce....

This is so flavorful, tender and easy to make!

Cheers to Happy  !!

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