Tuesday, September 27, 2011

"dirty rice" from the hill

dirty rice

Sister Mary has done it again! This is such a wonderful recipe, I love the flavors used here and the great plentiful sausages, I wonder who thought of calling this dish dirty rice? funny huh?...take it away Mary!!!

Ahhhh!!! Comfort food from the hill.

 I belong to a group that meets at my Mother's farm several times a week.  During the summer we have campfire meetings and utilize her outdoor kitchen.  So twice a year we go out on a Saturday and refresh the kitchen and do any other tidying up that needs to be done.  We have a potluck lunch.  You know how sometimes you need to bring a dish to something and no amount of wandering through cookbooks, gives up a good idea.  And you don't want to bring the same picnic cake or pie you always bring.  Well that is what happened this time.  When that happens I hit the pantry and talk to my BFF Dar.  She came up with this idea.
Mind you the idea came up late. (I did not want to go shopping).  So we just McGyvered this recipe using our imaginations.

We had three kinds of bratwurst and Italian sausage.So the first thing I did was brown all of the sausages with a little olive oil on high heat.  I wanted a little char and a lot of flavor from the juices.  I threw in the onion  (rough chop) I smashed three garlic cloves and added them.  When the onion was translucent I added the bell pepper and black beans.It was time for the fun to begin.  The spices.  All of the spices were measured by taste and smell.  Cumin, Chili Powder and Tumeric. Lots of black pepper and I added a cup of warm water with a generous tablespoon of the bouillon. 

The rice was cooked the night before and so I put it in a large bowl.This is plain white rice.  Next time I make this we will use brown rice.  Just to add a little more texture.

The chopped bratwurst and sausages.  I fried these first than removed them from the pan to cool and chop.
The ingredients are added to the rice.  So beautiful and colorful.

Can you believe how easy this is?  Seriously I thought this just might be one of those dishes we would make just once... It was a real crowd pleaser. I urge you to give it try!

                 CHEERS TO HAPPY!!!     


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