Sunday, November 6, 2011

Sunday Fishing in the Fall....

My sister Mary took a bunch of our nephews and great nephews fishing today...they had a great time catching their limit! 10 fish each...take a look!
I have a new hobby. Fishing.  Go figure in my 63rd year an adventure would begin.
I have been fishing with a dear friend, I had forgotten the zen of standing out on the shore of a lake with my fishing pole, no cell phone, no worries.  We all need a little break now and then, who knew it would be fishing.

It is truly a blessing to be a member of our great extended family.  Jody my nephew lives next door, next door to him is my sister and her family.  On the other side of me is my older sister Candy,  well that was getting off of the subject wasn't it?  Ok so back to the reason for this blog.  Jody and I have been going fishing too.

That being said we decided we needed to take Jaegar and Brendan, my great nephews.  (Trina's grandson's)


We rounded up the usual suspects, packed peanut butter sandwiches, snickers candy bars, a can of corn (bait)lots of tackle, rubber boots, poles, buckets for our great catch. (we are optimistic fisherpeople).
Friends, family, jumped in the cars and away we went.
We arrived at the lake, (Alder) in the foothills of Mount Rainier. Grabbed our gear, donned our boots and we were ready.  I had my dear buddies marvelous fishing pole....  oh yes you already know what is coming.  It was really slick and muddy and ROCKY....  as you can see in the picture above.  When I fell I landed on the fishing pole and broke it.  Sure I hurt myself but I was more upset about that broken pole. I decided then and there that I would probably not fish today or any other day for that matter.  
Jody's good friend and his son when along with us and Trevon one of the heroes of the day had an extra pole along with him and lent it to me.  It was so kind of him especially after he had seen me fall on one pole already.  I used his pole and caught the first fish and then limited first.  It was a good thing because after that I got to take pictures, lots of picture.  They appear below. 

Jake joins the "I caught a fish" club.. Note Trevon and Tim's catch back there to your right.

Brendan, Jody,  and Jaegar.

Tim and Trevon

Trevon taking another fish off the hook.

Jody,  he is the best guy.

Bringing in another one,


Oh boy another fish to clean...

Mike and Matt getting serious .


Hadyn and Emily future fisher woman.

Beautiful blue skies today.

At the end of the day.  We all caught our limit of ten fish each.  We had a wonderful time, It sounds so ordinary doesn't it.  What I want to say is that it is extra-ordinary.  We not only enjoyed our day, we made memories that will stay with us for a long time.  One of the highlights of my life is spending time with my dear family and friends.  We all walk the trail together and smile.


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