Friday, December 23, 2011

Love the Unlovable...

December 23,2011

This time of year is bittersweet for so many. Our hearts turn to home and all that it means. This is the sixth year of the passing of our father. Who knew the impact it would have on our family. His loss was devastating at best.
He taught us so many things. He and our Mother are shining examples of what is good in the world.
This year we wanted to share with you one of our Dad's virtues. (he had many). I think he may have really taken to heart the scripture John 13:34.some say it about sums up the whole bible.. “As I have loved you, love one another.” . A very short meaningful song. One of our favorites.

And so what follows is a little bit about “Whiskey Bill” that was his AA speaker name. We just called him Dad.

Generosity and the desire to always do for others is a gift in and of itself. It is the true meaning of Christmas. It’s a helping hand and a giving heart. To want to provide for others and expect nothing in return. Sometimes it is just a kind word or a smile, that will warm a cold heart.

Love the unlovable, they too have their story....I must of heard my Dad say that a hundred times...Dad had a million sayings, and this was one of them. Dad was a speaker in Alcoholics Anonymous...he traveled all over to speak. I can attest to Dad loving the unlovable. He picked up some VERY unlovable people and loved them sober...he showed such compassion and love and forgiveness to those broken people.. I can't remember how many times driving down the driveway of their farm and seeing an old beat up car or van in the driveway. I would go in the house and ask who that was out there, Mom would say “oh someone Dad is trying to help get sober. I truly never could understand how he could be so persistent and forgiving to some of the dastardly people he helped. Perhaps he saw a little of himself in those people he helped.  He had been one of those drunks that had been taken down by his disease. I think maybe one of his greatest attributes was his ability to put himself in their spot and feel their pain, a rare quality indeed. Something we could bear working on. ..

But now that Dad is gone I hear his words like a loud speaker in my ears...LOVE THE UNLOVABLE.... Why is it we seem to act the most unlovable when we need to be loved the most?... You see the unlovable everywhere you go...they can be the folks who have everything, but most times they are the people who are down on their luck...the people who's life has been hard. Who are friendless and their families have closed the door on them. It is the people that have lost their way. We all want to be heard, and understood. Maybe they burned too many bridges behind them to ever get back...they are out to take all their hurt and anger out on someone else...sometimes you might be the one that gets in their way...just love the unlovable they too have their story... It is easy to love the lovable, but can you love the unlovable?

We wish you the Merriest of Christmas's and a New Year filled with peace and contentment. Prayerful always that God will see that you have all that you need for health and happiness. Debbie and Mary

Cheers to Happy !!


  1. Very nice post, thank you for sharing. I have many alcoholics in my family (my dad was one , of course) and have run the gauntlet of feelings when dealing with them.

  2. Very nice post, thank you for sharing. I have many alcoholics in my family (my dad was one , of course) and have run the gauntlet of feelings when dealing with them.

  3. A Quilters ApprenticeDecember 23, 2011 at 12:35 AM

    Wow..... I miss him so much, and this was so truly honest of our Dad. Good job girls.

  4. I read this before going beginning my day, thankfully, and was able to take the extra couple of moments with others today. Thank you for passing on the message!

  5. I never got the pleasure of meeting your Dad, I didn't "get well" in time. My loss for sure, but I've heard so many inspiring things about how he lived his life. I wonder how you'd feel if something was printed up with such a wonderful motto? Book marks, t-shirts, I don't know. Something to remind us, and others, of what we ought to be doing anyways. Thank you for the post. If nothing else, I'm writing "Love the unlovable, they too have their story" in as many places as I can, giving credit to your Dad for teaching me something even though he's gone. God bless you and your family~Merry Christmas.

  6. My Dad is one of "Sayings", although, in our family we have not had to deal with alcohol problems, I have known those that do.

    I never met your Dad but it sounds like he was quite the guy and I would have probably enjoyed talking with him.

    I am going to share your story and link with others. I know they will be inspired. And I now have a new saying to add to my arsenal of quotes. And faced with someone that maybe unlovable to be more understanding, as who knows what path they have walked and if turned around what they may do to better the world.

    Thank you for sharing.

  7. This is so touching. This is what I have pictured, in my reading, how Christ approached those around him and his helping people from all walks of life no matter what they had done in the past. It was all about the future and the worth of the person.

    It was not about the clothes they wore, their position in society, their wealth or lack thereof, their chosen profession, their diseases and other afflictions, it was about the person. And what they could still accomplish.

  8. Beautiful words and wonderful tribute

  9. What a wonderful and tender testimony to your Dad's words and his love of everyone that he came across. He had that way of making each person he looked at to feel that they were the most important person at that moment, he truly believed that also! By the way, your Mom is the same way. . so full of love for life. Missing Uncle Bill . . . Merry Christmas!