Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Peach Melba...

peach melba

It is raspberry season here in the great old Pacific Northwest! This is when I start 'banking' my raspberries in the freezer...I buy enough for the winter and then I buy some more. It is a sickness of mine, stock piling berries, (among many others). I have raspberry and blueberry bushes, but those are for the chickens and I to enjoy right off the bush, warmed by the sun...so I buy valley fresh raspberries, blueberries and blackberries...I am not a huge fan of frozen strawberries, I freeze some to blend in smoothies but not many. 

This recipe is super simple and oh so good this time of the year. It is a procedure,

blend 8 ounces of raspberry jam, with one container of raspberries...about a cup and a half..

blend until smooth...

strain through wire mesh strainer....then ready for assembly!

ice cream, sauce, peach half (fresh or canned) 

more sauce...

fresh berries on the side...

and it is ready! YAY! 

Cheers to Happy!!

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  1. I am not letting my daughter see this one. She is a huge red raspberry fan.

    I remember back in the mid-sixties moving into a house that had a red raspberry bush behind it. I had never tasted anything like them! The bush died out after one or two years. :(