Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Bird Seed and Bird Feeder...

Bird seed and bird feeder is a real stretch here...this is really a recipe for bird, chicken and squirrel treat. I started out buying bird food and filling a clay pot every day for the wild birds. My chickens and the squirrels were feeding in the dish more than the birds. This led me to think I needed to make my own combination of food for the little darlings, since I was eating the chicken eggs. (you are what you eat?) I started gathering my supply's at Trader Joes. They have the best prices for sunflower seeds. Then went to Grocery outlet for dried fruit. After that stopped at the Mexican store for dried corn. It is the one that is used by Hispanics for soup. It has a puffiness about it and is a little softer. the squirrels love it.

Mix together, dried corn, sunflower seeds both shelled and unshelled, (not salted) dried bananas, dried cranberries and chicken scratch, I tossed in all the old frozen nuts out of my freezer, pecans, walnuts and almonds...make any combination you like. Have fun with this!

I store mine in a bag out in the shed with the feral kitten food, and chicken feed......and Uncle Franks chair....

I made the super pretty feeder for the new buffet line. I found a pretty painted happy plate and a really pretty margarita glass. I super glued the glass to the plate.

The treat dish is ready! Put water in the margarita glass...just in case they need a drink...

the little tiny birds found it first...they like the water glass, this one was sitting on the rim until I disturbed him.

The jay was taking notes....probably calling his jay friends...don't look at the moss.

but all three chickens came running when I called them...why did I go to all this trouble?


For these two goof ball eddies....Elsa and Jack...
It is for their viewing pleasure!

When I am at work they sunbath and watch the world outside the window...they have a picture window view of the feeder....
the wonderful life of two much loved cats!
Cheers to Happy !!

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  1. That bird feeder is so beautiful! Wouldn't put that out in the winter, though... these pictures make me long for the GREEN of spring. Still, we're doing well this winter at keeping nasty squirrels away from our backyard feeders, to find out how click here.