Sunday, April 28, 2013


Today is a sad day at my house. My beloved chicken friend 'Buttercup' died. A Coyote I believe murdered her. He is now on my hit list. I don't think my pellet gun will do much damage to him.

I never thought a chicken could be such a pet. She was a 3 year old, Plymouth Rock. She was my own groupie. She would run to me when I called her or she met me at the door of the house when I came home. She ate out of my hand and never bit me once. She laid beautiful big eggs and never went broody. She laid those eggs for me. I always thanked her, and she seemed to understand. I can't pull myself together quite yet. I wail when I cry, an all and out wail. And I today am crying for every loved one I have ever lost. Does everyone do that? Is that normal behavior?  If you are on the fence about getting chickens, please get them. They will make you happy. They are very sociable, talk to them as your little friends and feed them special treats, and they will adore you like no other.

 The best brother buried my little friend for me, and made her this grave maker. I know there must be chickens in heaven. And she is surely there.
Cheers to Buttercup !!


  1. Oh no! I am so sorry to hear about your loss. I have not had a pet chicken, but you make it sound wonderful.

    I think it is very normal to think of every love lost during times such as this. Wail away.

  2. What an amazing and touching story Aunt Debbie!! Love you so much and so sorry for your loss!!

  3. I am just so sad for you honey...yes, loss brings back memories and those memories start with your current loss of your dear devoted friend and then here come all those other feelings of loss of all those other dear people or pets you have lost. I am not good at loss, I get it, what you are feeling. :( Tomorrow.
    Aunt Janet

  4. Sweet Debbie ~~ you are such a tenderheart and I mean that as a compliment. I think that Buttercup was cut from the same cloth as you, in a way. It seems, from everything I have heard about your friend that she reflected your own values in life, you know what I mean? Anyway, you take care of yourself and to Buttercup, Rest In Peace :(