Thursday, April 15, 2010


While I was weeding the garden yesterday I came upon this scene and I was immediately reminded of a childrens book that my children memorized...
as you are weeding and you see the bugs start to run for cover, you start to feel a little sorry for them and think about their homes, you are disturbing.....

look close, lets see if we can see a home.....

I can just imagine what is going on.....can't you? Mother's calling to the children, to come eat, fathers off in the world working...children playing..running in the warm sun...

I hate to move anything.....and then you repeat that long ago verse....

As you lay on a summer's day
In a cool and shady place,
Don't look up into the skies;
Instead look down
And squint your eyes.
Squint them both so very tight
and if you wish
With all your might
You'll find the land of
And in this land live buggs,
that's all.
Stephan Cosgrove
and Sarah Whinnery for remembering the words after 20 years

The books are the bugg books and this is a link to an online interactive bugg village....very fun!

FYI:  I did stop weeding that area and left all the homes intact....

Cheers to Happy  !!


  1. I have always loved these sweet little books. They are so entertaining and teach little lessons too. Maude and I used to read them too. They are just the right size for little hands.
    Thanks Debbie for the memories.

  2. I love that! and have never read these books. I'm going to try to memorize it (which, with the memory thing, may be challenging). The pictures are perfectly beautiful.

  3. That is just so fun! I have to go to that link, and pass it along to my kids for the grandkids. I don't remember ever hearing that one. Thanks!