Sunday, May 23, 2010


This morning, very early my brother stopped by my restaurant and when I stopped by his table to visit he had just finished writing a little story in his tablet.....he is a storyteller and poet...he plays a native American flute and has many beliefs as the Natives Americans do, even though he is not Native American. He is the father of three and grandfather  to now the left is a picture of my brother playing his flute at the Glass Museum in Tacoma in front of a 'pear' of course...(his name is Perry) and no he is not blind....

His second daughter had just given birth to her first child 5 days ago and he was at her side as she labored for 13 hours. The last 2 hours of labor were very intense, as he listened to his daughter crying out in such pain for such a long time he started to call on his greater power to help her.... (I am not sure if this was a chant or a prayer, but that is not important).... Well there was not an answer, or not fast enough for him, and he soon realized he better go to the greatest of power, grandmother he called on his paternal Grandmother Mable, who herself had bore 10 children, surely she would come to her great granddaughters aid...but no, nothing happened, still his beloved daughter was in agony....then he called on his maternal Grandmother, he knew she would come, she had loved them all so very much and would never want her children to suffer, but no not her either....then he thought of his daughters maternal Grandmother, she had recently died and she loved her grandaughter very much and she could bring comfort and help get that baby then, so distraught and worried, and ready to jump out of his skin,  he went back to Grandmother Mable and demanded she come and help! She could not possibly ignore her grandson's plea's... and then, right before him, he saw a very clear vision of Grandmother Mable....and two minutes later London was born and my brother heard her first cries...and he knew then he was not alone and his Grandmother did not ignore him in his despair..... she had come to question still is, did she come to help her grandson or her great grandaughter? I guess we will never know.....

Shawna and baby London....

that is truly an angelic baby's face...

Cheers to Happy  !!


  1. One of your best blogs, Debbie - although I love them all! That first picture of Mama and Baby is so touching. All comfy in Mama's arms!

  2. great post, aunt debbie! i love your blog.. but what a beautiful tribute to the experience of labor and delivery. but moreso, a tribute of the love of our family and grandma mable. i believe she was there.. also, i'll add because i've only told shawna this but while she was pushing i was standing behind her taking pictures from her perspective and could feel that her energy was depleated, she was spent. so as she she pushed those final pushes i channeled all of my strength into her, trying to give her extra strength to get this beautiful baby out. i could feel her pain and thought i'll give it a try, so i mustered up all i had and tried to give my strength to her. it was such a profound and beautiful experience i'll always treasure.

    also, if anyone is interested in the above photography (i took the second photo :) ) i'am accepting clients :)

    love, zara

  3. Zara - that picture is simply yummy!! Good job, I really love it, baby is just so comfy! <3

  4. Zara, the sweetest thing is...Shawna is so lucky to have such sweet family that love her so you were all there, helping anyway you could....mentally and physically...what a support team....absolutely awesome...I shoudl have said the picture was taken by is so beautiful, unbelievable to think she is only a few days old...she looks directly in the camera, as a much older child would....So cool, I love you!

  5. (tears are flowing as I read this) That day was such a life changing day for me and such a great story!! I'm printing this post for London's baby book. Thank you for sharing this wonderful story! xo