Sunday, February 28, 2010


Last Sunday it seemed like it was time for a big break from everything.  My best friend Dar and I love to take pictures of just about anything so we grabbed our cameras and headed out for a beautiful day in the country.

Of course a girl needs to stop and take pictures of anything that is appealing.  These little snowdrops planted on the homestead by my Grandfather Oscar Swalander are all over the hill under the apple trees.  It is a sign that spring is coming along soon.  I always feel that they are God's promise for brighter days ahead.

After that little stop we were definitely on the way.
It looks like from the picture below that our first stop is Lake Quinalt Lodge.  Well the reality is that I always stop in Dupont at the Starbuck's when I head south. I needed a Black and White Frappicino Yum .

This old lodge is right on Lake Quinalt and is reminiscent of the Lodges in the Adirondacks in the east. So beautiful it is always lush and green here because it is located in the Olympic Rain Forest.

This is the view when I turned around.  So worth the drive.

After Quinalt we headed west to Kalaloch.  It just doesn't get any better than this.  It is an old resort that is located right on a bluff on the ocean.

Have you ever seen so much driftwood?  It was so beautiful and fresh the wind was soft and the sun warm.  I felt so blessed to be able to be there.

Ruby Beach is just a little ways north of Kalaloch.  And is worth the little hike down the bluff to get there.  Neither Kalaloch or Ruby Beach are accessible by car so a little hiking is a necessary.  Although I took all of these pictures from the top.

Ok wow.  I love this picture of the waves.  The tide was coming in.  We got lucky.


 More of Ruby Beach.  There is camping available for you tent loving campers.
For the others Kalaloch has beautiful little driftwood grey cabins with fireplaces.
So cute I needed to stay there.  Another time. 
We couldn't stay too long the day was fading fast.


Our last light bright enough to take pictures was at Crescent Lake in the Olympic National Park.  Go there...Go there....Go there.  Did you hear me?  You will not be sorry.  It is beautiful and not crowded and amazing.
Thank you for coming along on this little tiny road trip.  
I hope this has inspired you to pick up your camera, get in the car and just Go.



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  1. Absolutely beautiful photos! I love Lake Quinalt and Crescent Lake. One time I paddled out onto Crescent Lake and the wind was so strong I almost didn't make it back in. It is a HUGE and beautiful lake! Thank you for sharing your day trip with us.