Saturday, February 27, 2010

My Pantry
This is Mary, Debbie's sister.  Sometimes I just can't contain myself and I want to add a little something to this fun blog.
"My" cousin Sherry posted on face book that she doesn't cook like Debbie and I that her kitchen gets all messed up.  Well we just laughed and laughed.
And then we figured we better come clean and show you the DARK side of our little lives.  Ha.

Below are pictures of my pantry.  It is in the hall of the log cabin I call home.


This pantry used to have a louvered door on it, however after we moved in last summer we took down the door and then started looking for a replacement.  We found a beaded curtain with a gauzy sheer was really fun.  We are retired hippies around here I am thinking.
I like to think it looks like a little store in there.  I turn the light on and walk by and say to myself isn't that the cutest little grocery store.  (Ok I  think of myself as whimical not nuts)

This is a little close up, I am sure you can see now that it is a little topsy turvy in there.

Ok pull the curtain aside and step in.  Yes it is really tall in there,  very high ceilings reaching up to the peak.

Makes a girl kind of dizzy.  We store lesser used things up there, like the good china and small appliances. I use a ladder to get things down.

We try for organization, then we start looking for things and oh boy things go south in a hurry.

Oh look up there on the right. It is a bottle of old Montana Red Eye whiskey.  Never to be opened in this house.  Uncle Bob gave me that and I am saving it forever. 

This is the spice department.  Once in awhile the spices get arranged in alphabetical order.  Then we say that was fun and start putting them back willy nilly.


 Well that is kind of a mess now isn't it.  There are the little plastic storage containers.  Have you ever noticed how the lids run away every chance they get just to irritate you.  It sure happens around here.  
Oh look there is the popcorn, I wondered where we put it.
  That is neat and tidy sort of.

  What a mess, that is the snack fast food department. There is no way to keep it organized.  Things don't last long enough in there to straighten.

 So there you have it.  The cute little panty has a dark side too.

I love it very much.  I hope you enjoyed your little tour.  Y'all come back now!!
Ya hear???



  1. That is the cutest darn pantry int he land....I mean store...It does look so cute with the light on, doesn't it?

  2. Okay, now I feel a little better. I do love your pantry though, especially the beaded curtain. So fun. Don't you love knowing you have what you need? Even if you do have to hunt for it sometimes. LOL