Thursday, September 9, 2010

Homemade Shampoo...

I want you to know that I don't always post my this one, about shampoo....holy cow, it failed went like this:

For years I have tried every shampoo out there, I have paid as much as $40 for some and .99 cents for some and have never found one I like to hair lately has changed texture and some shampoos leave my hair with a gumminess...I have just bought a shampoo from my hair stylist that is pretty good and looking at the ingredient list, it has very few ingredients listed...that got me thinking it can't be that hard to after very little research on-line...saw that they all have castile soap in common...I was not familiar with it but after reading up on it, saw that it is made up as all oil's...really how could oils clean your hair?  I did quite a bit of research on making herbal shampoos...

  Homemade shampoo
7 ounces distilled or spring water
4 Tablespoons liquid castile soap [1 oz.]
5- 6 Tablespoons of herbs,choose at least 2 for your hair type ( I only chose 1)
Note:If using whole flowers such as marigold or red clover, it's a good idea to crush them first.While lavender flowers are small, crushing them invokes even more of their aroma.


Boil water.
Put herbs in strainer.

Add the liquid castile soap to the bottle that you'll be using for the finished shampoo.
Pour boiling water over the herbs, squeezing the last bits with the back of a spoon. Cover the container and allow the herbs to steep for 10-30 minutes, depending upon how strong you want the mixture. Make sure none of the leaves have fallen into the herbal water.
Transfer the herbal mixture into the liquid castile soap and you've got your shampoo.

here is the liquid castile...I bought Dr. Bronner's scented with orange oils....very citrus...

and I used chamomile flowers for the other scent and to match my hair condition

put through a stainer with cheese cloth.....and notice the castile soap in the bottle....

here it is strained, very orangey....

put in bottle and shake gently....the soap is very is the coconut oil in the castile soap that gives it the sudsiness....

this is my first bottle...I also bought lavender castile and lavender flowers to make a lavender and Rosemary (from the herb garden) is a side note: you can use castile soap for all cleaning...laundry, dishes, body wash, baby, dog, flowers...the list goes on and on....even pesticide...really...I am thinking it is the one soap to take camping....

So now after trying the shampoo several times....I can honestly say don't use this on your leaves your hair so clean, you will never get a brush through it, it is horrible, really...

Cheers to Happy  !!


  1. I just want to say that if you use this soap and then rinse with 2T white vinegar in a large glass of water it works as a great conditioner and detangler, makes your hair shine too. I use Dr Bronner's soap all of the time on my hair and for all sorts of other things too.
    Debbie you are hilarious.

  2. Way to go Deb... give us a recipe, and then tell us not to use it. You crack me up.