Tuesday, March 30, 2010

My friend...Joe-Joe

I would like to introduce you to my friend Joe. Joe drives a big truck across our country every week...It can be a very dangerous occupation. He has stories that nightmares are made of. I have known him for several years now and always look forward to seeing him in my restaurant,  I belong to his fan club...He is a fellow foodie, and lives in Rock port Illinois. He cooks at home and on the road, he stops at every food dive he can find....he religiously watches Diners, Dives and Drive-ins and while traveling has eaten at many of the places, and then he reviews them for us....he also reviews handmade beers...he has been my 'go to' guy for which Northwest beers to carry on tap...I am hoping Joe will be a guest blogger from time to time....Lately I have begged and pleaded with him to take pictures of his food and recipes for the blog..........and to get me off his back, he relented and has sent me some....I love this guy and know you are going to love him too.

This is Joe and this is what he has to say about himself on facebook.....

Activities: Computers, Flight Sim, Guitar, cooking, and if it all works out I want to finish flight lessons this summer...
Interests: see "activities" but add finding real good beers, I really enjoy the search for a bitter IPA or pale ale...
Favorite Music: Three doors down, Hinder, Buckcherry, Earshot, Foo Fighters, Fuel, stuff like that...
Favorite TV Shows: NCIS, Leverage, CSI, Bones, Burn Notice, Dirty Jobs, a bunch of shows on the food channel
Favorite Movies: love the Bourne movies, Zach and Miri make a porno was my fave. this year, thought W. was good as well...
About Me: I'm a truck driver, I want to be a pilot someday, I can cook, but I can't dance. I have some very loyal friends and that is very important to me.

Reading this is funny...because Joe is so much more, he is very modest....Computers?....he is an ace mechanic, he has repaired everyone's computer I know.....Friend? Joe is the loyalest of friends....Music? oh yeah he knows his music....Beer? He is an expert on more than just an IPA...he knows his beers....do you want to know about any beer? ask him...Sense of humor? he loves a good laugh...and family? (which he doesn't mention) he loves his family....Truck driving is the first thing you notice about him, but after you know him, it is the last thing you think about...if you want to know more about Joe, peek into his website...he writes very well......


ok, take it away Joe.......

New York Strip Steaks

This is my recipe for 9 oz New York Strip Steaks soaked in a marinade

for 4 hours and cooked over a hot grill.

1/2 of a strong beer (and no, Budweiser is not a strong beer, I used a
wheat beer this time but I normally use an IPA)
1/2 of a White Onion (cut up)
4 cloves of Garlic crushed under a knife
Black Pepper (lots of fresh ground pepper)
1 tbs. of Red Pepper Flakes
Salt as desired
a splash of you favorite cooking oil

After 4 hours in the refrigerator in a plastic bag remove the steaks
and let them come to room temperature before cooking. Sear the steaks
over the flame of a very hot grill and then bring them to temperature
with indirect heat with the lid closed. Let the meat rest about 5
minutes under a foil tent before cutting into it.

Oh can't you just taste the juicy, smoky, garlic flavor?

Cheers to Happy  !!

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  1. Looks wonderful! I am one of those people that Joe helped "fix" my computer after getting a virus. You say it well. He's a great friend. I follow him on facebook all the time. Dar