Monday, March 8, 2010

The "OSCARS" oh yes need I say more????

I look forward to the Oscar's every year.  It is so fun to watch the show before the show.  The show and then the show.  However the best show in town for me is in the living room of our cabin.  Oh sure you say.  However how often during the year can you call up a few friends and sisters and say put on those tiaras, your most comfy pajamas?  Make your favorite snack and come on over for the Oscar's.

Sister and member of this blog Trina, she is an over achiever.  I wanted her to come over for the evening.  She never stops doing things, she brought her quilt she is working on (hand sewing each block,  they do make sewing machines hello).  And she brought along the pillow cases she is embroidering.  She calls it relaxing and was really happy to come over and hang out.

This most beautiful of Ya Ya Petites is "Miss Jordan Nicole".  She had the coolest pajamas ever they had little feet in them kind of like the blanket sleepers we all put our babies in to keep them warm when they kicked the blankets off in their cribs.
 This sweet lady is sister in law Jackie.  No she is not sleeping she is blinking for just one second.  What a treat to all get together and yell at the television when the wrong star won.  Or when the beautiful movie stars kept posing with the hand on the hip.  Even Meryl Streep and she is our all time favorite.
Oh yes did I mention snacks?  Trina, Jackie and Jordan made the most wonderful shiska bobs yum they were fantastic.  They made way too many and so we just hung in there and just about ate them all.
We had to, you see we were expending a lot of energy watching the show and make astute judgements about everything and everyone. 

I made a raspberry dream pie.  Yum, Raspberry sauce over a rich vanilla pudding.  Yum oh it was good, I could tell because sister Trina needed two pieces just to be sure.

Dar made the pizza with a little help from Papa Murphy's.  It was amazing to see all of the people at the pizza shop getting ready for their Oscar evenings too.

And so there you have it.  Next year we will be doing the same thing.  Being excited for our favorites that won.  And making all kinds of wild statements about seeing all of the nominated films we missed.  And for sure seeing all of the 2010 movies to be ready for 2011.  
Thanks for coming along to see the fun we had.



  1. Ok this looks like such a fun time, I think the food looked fab....oh the things I miss....

  2. It was the best fun.... Thanks Sister.