Saturday, March 20, 2010

Name a Restaurant...

If you were going to name a restaurant...not saying' I am....what would you name it? I am thinking something that doesn't mean a one word name...say know, one word....a word that becomes a brand..think Nike..Adidas...Cheverolet...I know, this is tough isn't it? I like Butterfield...or Whiskey River.... or Screaming' Tree...not really, just wanted to see if you were paying attention...yes it could be Rushton's...but it really doesn't have the one word that I think would work....Cheers, has been taken...Miss Molly's although cute is a about something Creek, Clear Creek? Whiskey Creek? Nah.....I do like a river theme...and something, something  Northwest Grill...Oh you must help with this...PLEASE!

Cheers to Happy  !!


  1. Hey Debbie dear ~ Just thought of one: How about Lander's for Swalander. Just thowin' it out there. Or . . . how about Rolling Rock? I know, that's kinda strange, High Creek, Shiny Creek, Beautiful's, well I could go on, but gotta run. Good luck!!

  2. Hey Renae good one! I love Landers, or even Landers Creek....I am going to roll that one around....

  3. Willams Creek Bar and Grill (just sayin')
    although Lander's Bar and Grill has a nice sound on the tongue.

  4. I am just really loving the Lander's name.