Thursday, September 24, 2009


The best part about camping, is the campfire. It is mesmerizing. You are drawn to a campfire, and it is hard to pull a hot shower only better. You can sing around the campfire, tell stories, and just plain old roast marshmallows. Now is the time of year to build or buy a fire ring. We built one out of the large rocks on the this....

We just drew a large ring in the dirt, dug it out some and started building with the rocks and cement.
Very inexpensive and crude as it is....

It is very functional and a nice foot rest as you are sitting around it.
An added bonus is you can burn your yard limbs....if you don't have the space for building a firepit, you can buy a good container firepit, they are not to expensive, and will last for years.

(sure wish the grass was freshly mown)

The best part is the 'smores, don't they make everyone the happiest ever!!

Cheers to Happy !!

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  1. Very nice blog about the firepits. I agree it is a good time of year to have one, it is sometimes too hot to enjoy it in the summer.