Tuesday, September 8, 2009

'It's good enough"

The other day I had a conversation with my mother about my not really having a talent...she said 'well you sure do you are so good with people just like your dad, not everyone can do that.' That appeased me for a while, but then as I thought about it, she was wrong I am good with people, but just like my Mom... She is the one who taught my brothers and sisters to love everyone, to be kind..and to forgive, even before being asked to forgive..She is something else...

After some thought I do know what I got from my Dad that I am right proud of...'it's good enough!' I will give an example here.

See the quilt block on the left? That is one my perfectionist friend did. She would tear apart a block until it was perfect. (I say 'would' because she passed away 6 years ago) I was lucky enough to get some of her blocks..The one on the right is mine...The one that" is good enough!" not perfect, corners don't match, seams aren't ironed, not at all...(everytime you sew a seam you are supposed to stop and iron it, takes forever), so I skip that step..
See how in the end you can't tell a bit which was which? They both look lovely!
It turned out to be a beautiful, lovely quilt made for my grandson by both of his grandmothers!
I can sum up my whole life with 'it's good enough!' I live with less stress, my expectations aren't quite as high, so I live with less dissappointments. Thanks Dad!


  1. And I am right proud to have learned some of these lessons. Thanks for the reminders.

  2. My sister deb is right about this. We children in the past have been called the Bill's by our Cousins aunt and uncles. the thing of it is "We were borm "Maudines".

    Mom's kids are- for the most part forgiving. We are not perfect people, we are doing about as good as we can. Thanks to Mom and Dad. Love perry

  3. I am privilidged to have been adopted by this wonderful family and to be loved by them. This was a good blog, Debbie. We all need to realign our thinking when it comes to the perfectionism that can seize us with fear of not reaching it. Sometimes it is "good enough"! Love, Dar