Friday, September 11, 2009

My Abundant Garden

My garden started out this year so organized, let me show you, see how it has these nice mounds, it is my and Ed Humes idea of great gardening, making the most of your space, much like a raised bed. I have walk ways out of sawdust, tomato's in the forground, so far so good!

Next everything still lookin' pretty good. Built a fence to keep the bunnies out.  Lettuce is up, carrots coming up, you can barely see way back to the right, the starting of the beans just starting to climb up their poles. You can see the two pickle plants, the 4 zucchini plants both yellow and green, the potatoes are growing in the back, I bought some copper tags, inserted in the ground to identify each vegetable, so orderly, 
I thought I hadn't planted enough seeds, looked a little bare!...then.....
Holy Cow, after a couple of months you walk into the little gate and you must tip toe through the garden. There are vines everywhere! Mostly the beans, the volunteer tomato's, the cucumbers are climbing everything! I keep thinking about the little copper tags, wonder where they went? Maybe the same place as the potatoes, they are under there somewhere. There are zucchini's growing all over the place, but the beans, the beans are everwhere!

They are growing everywhere in this tree, how kind of the tree to lend itself to the beans. The beans are like the giving beans, they just keep giving and giving and giving!!! Tonight I picked a 5 gallon bucket and didn't even make a dent.  I have learned one thing about zucchini. It is as hard to give away as baby kitty's .                     
                                                          Cheers to Happy!

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  1. I want to play in this garden, it looks so fun. I would want to wear boots though, because you wouldn't know what was lurking under the bushes.