Saturday, September 19, 2009

Scottish Highland Cattle Judging at the State Fair

Yesterday at the state fair we watched the Scottish Highland cow competition. It was exciting all the way to the end. My cousin and his wife own several cows and had won their county fair and brought their highlands to the state competition.

Highland cattle or kyloe are an ancient Scottish breed of beef cattle with long horns and long wavy pelts which are coloured black, brindled, red, yellow or dun.

The breed was developed in the Scottish Highlands and western isles of Scotland. Breeding stock has been exported to the rest of the world, especially Australia and North America, since the 1900s. The breed was developed from two sets of stock, one originally black, and the other reddish.

Highlands are known as a hardy breed due to the rugged nature of their native Scottish Highlands, with high rainfall and strong winds. They both graze and browse and eat plants many other cattle avoid. The meat tends to be leaner than most beef, as highlands get most of their insulation from their thick shaggy hair rather than subcutaneous fat. The coat also makes them a good breed for cold Northern climates.

Highland cattle have been successfully established in many temperate countries. Their hair provides protection during the cold winters and their skill in browsing for food enables them to survive in steep mountain areas.

First it was the 1 year old Janet and Evelyn to be judged, they came in 3rd and 4th

Janet is here in the front and Evelyn is a blond right behind her.

Cousin Bob is showing a little tension.

Next it was Maudine and Dorothy's turn, they are the 2 year old's.
There were many, many fan's there to route for their favorite's.

The anticipation is to much!

The Blue ribbon winner was announced and awarded to the Swalanders for first prize with Maudine!
After that all blue ribbons winners were judged and again Maudine was chosen as the GRAND CHAMPION!

This is what I still haven't told you, the cows were named after these Swalander ladies, and they couldn't be more proud of their namesakes!

This is back at the barn ! Doesn't it just make you glad all over!

Cheers to Happy !

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