Thursday, September 17, 2009

Your Best Potato Salad

We are going to talk about potato salad. Making your own potato salad, and making it your own. Everyone has there own, my sister has the all time great one, my mothers is pretty great, my brother's is industrial strength, what they all have in common is everyone thinks theirs is the best. That is because everyone makes it the way they like it. This is my theory anyway. Same as Chili or Spaghetti sauce, everyone makes the one they like.

Basic Simple Potato Salad

12 Boiled Potatoes( although I have used reds here, the best are russets) cubed
12 Boiled Eggs, (one for every average size potato) chopped
medium sized onion, (more if you like more) chopped
pickles (the amount you like) at least 6 chopped

lots of salt and pepper
1 cup of mayo
a couple of big tablespoons yellow mustard

mix the mayonaise and mustard in a seperate bowl, it works best this way.....salt and pepper the potatoes before you add the dressing, again, trust me on this, it is best this way too.

You can peel the potatoes or leave the peels on for that rustic look. Mix all together and salt and pepper to taste, now you can start adding anything that you like, olives, sweet pickles, some put pickle juice, celery, celery salt, some even add carrots. Just make it your own

This is mine, pretty plain, but the way I like it. It makes me happy!

Cheers to Happy  !

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