Sunday, September 6, 2009

Remember when Sunday's, was not a work day, the busiest day of the week...and you get off of work and all you can think of is putting on your pajamas and having tea?

They used to be a day of rest, everyone going to church and great big Sunday dinners!! Sometimes company would come over and always dinner was special..The big oak table was set and an ironed tablecloth was put on, assorted chairs and stools all around...... oh I can see it all now..a big ham with salty gravy, or pot roast and potatoes and carrots..or maybe fried chicken and mashed potatoes and gravy, green beans with bacon in them, and always a salad with mayonnaise dressing and homemade rolls...Those were the days...ahhh......does anyone even know anyone who still does this? I can't think of a single person.....


  1. i remember cars like that! Oh what fun!

  2. Those were fun times, for sure. I don't do Sunday dinners anymore, (even when I don't work on Sunday, which is usually) but other days are special and truthfully, I like making a wider variety of foods. "Cheers to Happy!"