Saturday, January 30, 2010

Tomato Basil Soup

Tomato Basil Soup just like the deli at the store....I buy tomato basil soup from the deli section of my local grocery store often, it is good, I usually put it into a bread bowl and it is delicious! Last night the kids were going to come over and I wanted something hot and also something they would eat...I remembered this recipe that I used to make along time ago, it is alot like the soup you can buy already made and it is very flavorful, and creamy with chunks of tomatoes, it is also good with grilled cheese sandwiches, they way the grandkids like,  really gooey and cheesy....This is a great soup for lent, and that is coming up soon, right around the corner...

here are the ingredients....a jar of basil spaghetti sauce of your choice, a can of tomato soup, a can of chopped tomatoes that are seasoned.....milk and Parmesan cheese and fresh basil....

mix the sauce, tomato soup, canned tomatoes and 3 cups milk together and heat on medium heat for 15 or so minutes, until piping hot....stirring often..

serve with chopped fresh basil on top and fresh grated Parmesan cheese....
(isn't he cute)

Cheers to Happy  !!

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