Sunday, January 10, 2010

Purple Cowgirl....

Today Januuary 10th, just seven short year ago, we lost a member of our Thunder Mountian Gang........she was just 47 years old...she died of a brain tumor....she died so very suddenly, it took our breath away.....we loved her so....we thought we had all of the tomorrows, as James Kavanaugh said, 'time was so omnipresent, we had every day, every meal together, forever'....We had often talked of growing old, we had accepted that fact, what we would do,(sit on the porch in white rocking chairs in Idaho)  what we would wear, (purple) where we would live, (together) but what I learned when she died is that 'we die' ....crazy me..I never really, really thought about it much....

Pam, me, Mary and Trina in the mid 90's...oh we were so sharp...we were in Idaho at a cowboy poet gathering...Pam is the only one , besides the performers who changed their clothes at  intermission....purple and red were her favorite colors, and I should say black..

this is a picture of us on our way to the cabin in Idaho, Mary, me, Mom, Sue, and Pam...'Our Gang' or should I say some of the gang....there were many more.....

Mary is taking this picture, we were going fishing and we are all decked out for the occasion, Pam has matching everything, she even brought her stitching....and no we did not catch any fish....

I had to add this picture, our 'gang' had Christmas in the cabin in October....a very
 magical time....Pam was a bright and shining star. She left us way to soon. She was the Definition of Class. She taught us how to dress and showed us how to act. She only wished she had taught us to follow her direction. A perfectionist, as all of us know, and every day we get reminders of the wonderful mother, daughter, aunt and sister that she was. We learned by her leaving to appreciate life, and each other, and to never leave anything undone, we come this way but once.....So her biggest gift to us was to live
to really live every single day, and not to accept less than 'true bliss'

 So here is to you, you Purple cowgirl, you (we know you helped make this wine)

raise your glass so very high....higher now....and salute!

Cheers to Happy  !!


  1. Awesome... Pamela, missing you always.

  2. What a beautiful thing you wrote here. What was she thinking? To leave us all untethered...our gang scattering in the wind, not being able to gather ourselves back up.

  3. I finished my bottle (but not all tonight)! I found a letter she wrote to me when I was younger, it made me cry cause I miss her so much. I love you Debbie and I am thankful you are my other mom.

  4. I am not going to drink my bottle yet, maybe on her birthday....maybe I will share, not sure yet...right now I just like looking at it....
    Thank for the wonderful words everyone....