Monday, January 18, 2010

the sweetest people on earth.......

"everythings broke"

Today I watched on the news,  a woman who was rescued from the rubble of a grocery store....she had been trapped their for 6 days and her husband was frantically trying to dig her out....he knew she was in there and went around the building yelling her name, for 6 days he did this  (would any of my gang do this for me?) he found her and he and his fellow citizens helped him with their meager tools, try to dig her out....they had cleared enough for a very small hole and a newsman who was filming this dropped a microphone down in the gap and she spoke that her hands were crushed and her eyes were filled with dirt, she could not move...she spoke of her love for her husband, as they tried futilely to get her out, a group of firemen from California came upon them and started about the cavalry coming....they had equipment and skills to administer to her and carefully get her out, without causing more they pulling her out, with her eyes still squeezed shut and having no idea what had gone on in her country while she lay trapped,  she first thanked God and then started to sing a beautiful church song.........The stories that are coming out of Haiti about the sweet spirits in this devastated country, leave me in humble awe.....

Brian Williams who does the nightly news for NBC went for a few days to Haiti, on the link below is his blog and he tells a little bit about his thoughts on his experience and of the people he found there...

Cheers to Haiti  !!


  1. I saw this "singing woman". Beautiful and painful all at the same time. After six days...she was singing! And her husband. He said he "knew" she was alive in there. Amazing stuff in all that horror.

  2. Yes Deb, any one of us would come to your rescue. Your blog for the last few days have really hit home... I love you, my sister, you are heart and soul and I am proud to call you family.