Friday, November 13, 2009

Best Practices.....Towels....

This is most likely a 'best practice' that everyone does. I am not sure, I happened on it a while back when I wanted to re-organize my kitchen drawers...all 6 of them...and really really wanted one I went to target and bought some wire baskets and put my towels and dishcloths and napkins in them. Well it was the best! I automatically grab for a cloth towel instead of a paper towel and they are so handy! I love this!

here are the pair of baskets....

they are parked down here underneath my little rolling island...

here are the cloth napkins....again handy as heck...I keep them in the dining room..

and I use them always...again saving on paper products...
so recently I took my good practice to the bathroom...see

a basket of wash cloths next to the sink to dry hands on!

I am doing laundry anyway so I can just add a little more without any trouble...yep
'Best Practices"

Cheers to Happy  !!

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