Sunday, November 1, 2009

Dia de los Muertos

Yesterday I went to the Tacoma Art Museum where they were celebrating the Day of the Dead....Which next to Valentines Day is my favorite holiday....Why we don't take on this tradition? It is so COOL...I took pictures of some of the Alters and got to make this really colorful sugar skull....(even I think it is a little ghoulish)

Day of the Dead, or Dia de los Muertos is a celebration to honor the dead in Mexico. This holiday epitomizes the Mexican heritage, which is based on the blended cultures of their ancestors the Aztec and the Maya's, as well as Spanish Invaders...The origin of the Day of the dead reaches into the ancient history. of Mexico. in the eighth century the catholic church decreed November 1st as All Saints Day. Unlike the Spaniards who viewed death as the end of life...the native people of Mexico view it as a continuation of life, they do not fear death they embrace it....To them, life is a dream, and only in death do they become truly awake....There for Day of the Dead is a day for happiness and celebration....(what a way to think of it, earthly life is a dream)

Day of the dead is celebrated throughout towns and cities and can be almost festival like in nature. Many families decorate the graves of the dead family members or create altars or ofrendas at home, the ofrendas are often decorated with paper flowers and candles and flowers and photos of the dead,  and sugar skulls with the names of the dead inscribed. Folktales are told, that the dead spirits will seek revenge on the living, if they receive poor treatment while dead. Therefore the deceased's favorite drinks and foods are often laid out on the ofrenda.

this alter was so fun, you felt like you knew this man after studying the items

this celebration results in a deep sentiment of respect towards death and life. Death is not something to be feared but acknowledged as a cycle and central to human existence. it also brings family and neighbors together to celebrate their creative cultural traditions.
this one is very interesting

This one is 'Jorge Chavez' made by his family

Don't you just love the colors?

This one had food offerings and cactus

and of course Guadalupe!

There was this Alter that anyone could add to, I loved this one "wait for me, you guys"

These are the flowers, that I put on the Ofrenda. They were for Pam, Maudie and Dad...That must why my little Nasturtiums kept on living, for the 'offering'

Cheers to Happy  !!

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