Friday, November 20, 2009

Hot Toddy

Back when I was growing up whiskey was used to treat all sorts of things....sore throat..cough...and cold and flu symptoms...Dad or Mom would put whiskey on a spoon and you would choke it down....sometimes they would mix lemon and sugar with it...can you just imagine today giving our children whiskey?....grown-ups had hot toddy's. It is a nice hot beverage made of the same things and was thought to 'cure' you...

Today it is still a welcome beverage when you are under the weather or as cold as an ice cube...warms you up instantly!

Hot Toddy                               
3 wedges of lemons
2 ounces of bourbon
1 large tablespoon of honey
boiling hot water

just gather up the ingredients...and your favorite mug...
squeeze two wedges of the lemon in the mug and the whiskey and...

and the honey and fill the rest of the way with boiling hot water.....

add a lemon slice and curl up in your favorite chair with your blanket and slowly sip....

the perfect beverage for those rainy day, cold, damp Northwest winters!


Cheers to Happy  !!

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