Thursday, November 12, 2009

Thought you would like to see....

I was hoping you would love to see some of the happy faces of people I work with, or worked with today, anyway....I spend alot of time at work and mostly we have alot of fun and tons of laughs!

This is Mary, my sister.....she works as a Supervisor and Catering Manager....she is happy!

this is Ricardo a.k.a. Flaco...he is our mascot....everyones favorite....he is so Happy!

This is Jose....a.k.a. Chepe....he is the dad figure here......He is mostly happy!

This is Laurie she is so happy she is doing a dance !!!!!

This is Saida, she is truly happy!!Such a pretty smile!

This is also Lori...she is camera shy but she is happy too!

This is Chepe who is not so happy that I was following him around with the camera...

This is Neri on the left and Crystal on the right...they are having so much fun and very happy!

This is Miguel and Saul...they are also... so happy I am following them around...

This is my pretty little friend Masako, always has a beautiful smile....

Cheers to Happy  !!.

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