Friday, November 20, 2009

Whats a Woot?
This is a great site to save on your favorites and check it everyday..great gift ideas at incredible prices...

Woot's tagline is "One Day, One Deal". Generally, Woot offers one product per day until its stock of that item is sold out or the product is replaced at midnight Central Time with the next offering. If a product sells out during its run, the next item still does not appear until midnight, except during Woot-Offs. Products are never announced beforehand. This sales model means that Woot is unable to replace defective items and encourages customers to call the manufacturer if the item is defective. This now common One deal a day business model has been implemented by hundreds of web-based retailers since Woot's launch in 2004.

Today's deal?

This is a device called MyVu Solo Plus EV Media Viewer with iPod and iPhone Conversion Cable


To say these guys are irreverent is putting it mildly....but they are downright funny in their marketing approach. Very kind of folks...

there is a that sells a different logo t-shirt everyday....very trendy..makes a great gift

a wine.woot that sells different great wines...not that I know my wines..but the reviews are great (this book is from a winery called bonny doon)

a they have those computerized dogs that dance...

Well just go there and check it out...It is the number 1 shopping site on the internet

Cheers to Happy  !!

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