Saturday, October 3, 2009


Oh Boy do I have cookbooks! There was a time in my life when I collected cookbooks, I think a cookbook is a good read. I got rid of most of them, here is my current bookcase of cookbooks....

I know it is a little messy but I have all the favorites that I have kept,

I have got Julia,

This old gal, this is a great read!

all of the Barefoot Contessas,

This sweet mothers cookbook

Fanny Farmers Baking book,
and speaking of baking,
This is the most loved of books! The cookie cookbook! My kids and I made so many wonderful cookies from this book it is in a very delicate condition.

A  sweet little book on mexican cooking,

James Beard on Bread,

No Kitchen would be complete without 'a cowboy in the kitchen',

There are these great ones,

and then there are these,

Can't forget this most adorable one!
(I wrote this charmer)
my favorite go to cookbook out of all these?

America's Test Kitchen! The best book around,

and baking book.

they explain everything, they show plenty of 'how to', they have the 'best of the best, recipes
and even,

they tell you  the products to use, because this being Americas Test Kitchen they have tested them all.
Here they are testing and sampling canned diced tomatoes.
If you were going to buy just one book, or give one book, this is the one!

Cheers to Happy !!

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  1. I love, love reading cookbooks; it is my favorite read. I make a committment every time I buy a cookbook or cooking magazine that I will actually cook things from it. It's fun to try out new things; lucky me, my husband is a sport for the most part. Now I see some books on your post that I don't have, and think I should. Addiction?