Monday, October 26, 2009

My virtual friend, Ree Drummond

A little over a year ago I found my friend on line. Her name is Ree Drummond a.k.a.Pioneer Woman. She doesn't know she is my friend, but I don't think that is so important, do you? She has other friends, many many..I would like her to be your friend too, I guess I will share. Mostly because I am tired of talking about her and no one knows what or who the heck I am talking about. I must warn you to be careful clicking on her web-site, you will get sucked in like I did and get hooked.....She takes the most amazing pictures and has such a wit, while writing about her life, her kid's lives and even her dog Charlies life......

She has 4 kids and homeschools them. She is married to a real cowboy. They own a ranch in Oklahoma. Ree Drummond knows the difference between a Brahman and a Hereford. She and her husband own 20,000 acres and 4,000 head of cattle and 2,000 wild horses. She's a master at cleaning the manure off a pair of Wranglers. And she can make a pan of cinnamon rolls as good as any small-town church lady. She's earned the title "Pioneer Woman."

But it's not something she's completely comfortable with, even after all her years living on a working cattle ranch outside of Pawhuska.

"Every time I put my cowboy boots on, I feel like I'm going to a costume party," she said.

She's still not completely used to the idea that the pizza guy will never deliver, and that when she buys cheeseburgers from Sonic, she has to microwave them after making the 20-minute drive home.

This girl who grew up on the grounds of the country club in Bartlesville still sometimes can't believe she's weaned calves and knows exactly what it means to "work cattle." But she wouldn't trade it for the world.

"I'm blissfully happy in the country, but I feel like an imposter half the time," she said.

It's these glimpses into country life in Oklahoma that have thousands of readers hooked.

The other thing that has them checking for daily updates is "Black Heels to Tractor Wheels," the continuing saga she doles out in chapters of how she met and fell in love with her husband, Ladd Drummond, who readers of the blog know as the "Marlboro Man."

Drummond now spends her days home-schooling their four children and working on her blog.

In fact, the categories on her blog are a good representation of the slices of her life: cooking, photography, home and garden, home-schooling and confessions (which often includes musings on ranch life).

One of the most popular categories on "Confessions of a Pioneer Woman" is the cooking section. It's is why she wrote a cookbook that will be out next week...She will be appearing on the Bonnie Hunt show cooking a liitle something, it is her first time on T.V. and she is a little nervous.

Her book will be a reflection of the style of recipes readers come to expect from Drummond. A little country — biscuits and gravy, dump cake, beans and cornbread, and some foods Marlboro Man would never eat — pasta primavera, risotto, tiramisu.

Just click here and watch a slideshow of her ranch and family. She takes pictures of her cattle and wild horses. It is a very happy thing!

Cheers to Happy   !!

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  1. That looks like a fun book. I think you get a commission for such a good advertisement for it! Cheers!