Sunday, October 4, 2009

Oh Sunday, Sunday

I belong to a gang, we used to be an active gang ,and  it would just take a few minutes to round everbody up again, just in case anyone wants some cows moved or some songs sung. The Thunder Mountain Gang. Oh my we used to have so fun! We dressed as cowboys, rode horses, took trips, and listened to Cowboy poetry. We went to Idaho to listen to some of the best cowboy poets ever....One could easily say it was the best of times.... A Cowboy poet, Denise McRae, who lives on a small ranch out in the high mountain desert of Leadore Idaho, wrote the most moving and touching poem I have ever heard. It has touched many hearts and I wanted to share it with you on this Sunday.

The Little Purple Flower

Back home in Leadore where the weather is harsh,
A little purple flower grows out in the marsh.

On a tall, thin green stem growing out of the ground,
five petals point upward, the rest of the flower points down.

Below the purple petals is a little yellow band,
and on the band I see the touch of the masters hand.

On the little yellow band is a red zigzag line,
running clear around so perfect and fine.

In that little red line I find reason to believe,
theres somebody somewhere much greater than me.

And I believe God is the one with the power,
who else would spend time designing a flower

that would grow out in Leadore in the marshy cold sod,
with such attention to detail, who else but God.

So a simple little flower with a zigzag red line,
is my reason to believe in intelligent design.

And the universe ain't chaos I believe God has the power,
to speak to my heart with a little marsh flower.

Denise McRae

Cheers to Happy !!

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  1. I miss our trip we used to take in the fall. Those were good times.