Sunday, October 25, 2009

Sunday, hooray I found my note!

I really wasn't looking, honestly,  and opened up a very old address book and there it was, my poem...I found it, you remember the one I mentioned last Sunday? The one I named my house after....the one my brother Perry wrote? And I know you were just dying to read it, right?

Safe Haven

When you have toiled long, and are
tired after your strife, homeward do
you travel and safehaven is your wish.

Sinking to your easy chair,
a hot beverage at your side,
your mind is resting easy
for safehaven you have

Sometimes I feel uneasy and
feel so out of place, but when
I'm with you safehaven I have

signed: Love Pear                                                                 
(and of course he drew a picture of a pear inside the P in his name)

Isn't that the best....Safehaven you have reached....this is so me....I am so it....If you want to know me, you would just read this and say well this is her, absolutely her....I can see it now, at my funeral, one of my 100 year old, grandchildren will slowly walk up to the podium, with the aid of one of their great grandchildren, and a cane used to steady herself,  and  a very soft voice,  pull out this old yellowed and tattered piece of paper and read these fine words....ending with'Safehaven I have reached'  and I will be home.....

little side story here.........
The other day the bathroom was all steamy after my shower and I noticed something I hadn't noticed before........there in the steam, was this adorable smiley face!

Isn't this the cutest sweetest picture ever? I think my grandson
Luke did it last month when he was here, and there it will stay for a good long time, Thanks Luke!

Cheers to Happy  !!

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