Sunday, October 18, 2009


Now here is a great subject for Sunday, Sunday......'Home is where the heart is', 'Home Sweet Home', 'Home on the range' 'Love at Home', ' I'll be home for Christmas' well the sayings and songs go on and on...

I love home, I would like to describe myself as a homebody, I am truthfully not home very much, but I really want to be....maybe absence makes the heart grow I am fond of my home..

There is a little short poem that I want to share that about sums it all up...


Little old shack,
All tar-papered black,
Your Chimney leans back
from the north wind.
Your windows are few,
your rooms only two,
but yet to my view
you're a mansion.

Little old shack,
there's lots that you lack,
yet still you've the knack
to look home like.
My hands builded you,
the wife helped me too:
I guess you will do
for our mansion.

this was written by Robert V Carr

I suspect there was alot of love in that home and so to him it was his mansion...

I have my mansion, so to speak, although a modest little home to me it is my 'mansion.'..several years ago, my brother Perry, stayed the night at my house and when he left, he left a little poem written on a scap piece of paper on the bed....I have looked for it and am sure I have put it in a special place, (that someday I will come across and say well of course here it is!) but for now I remember well the last line 'safehaven I have found' I loved it meant so much to me, those few simple words, 'safehaven I have found'  How cool is that?

I named my house 'Safe Haven' and I am of the belief that every single house should have a name too!

This is where my heart lies

Cheers to Happy !!


  1. I am thinking that about sums it up. We all have our own space (home) and hopefully it can mean the same to us all. I love your "safe haven"

  2. I remember once at a gathering at your house a friend of yours said, "it's a storybook house". I think that describes it, too. It's just so warm and homey.

  3. Your home looks lovely. Maybe someday I will visit . . . (you are reminding me of Aunt Wowie more every day).