Friday, October 9, 2009

High Heels

When I was young my sisters and I used to wear my mothers high heels. We weren't supposed to mind you, we were careful to do it when she wasn't home, she said it was because we would 'break the backs' what ever that meant, so when she left we ran to her closet to each get a pair of heels. We knew we wouldn't hurt them. She had all kinds of favorites were her black patent leather ones.....they were so beautiful, and my little feet looked so grown up in them!

In the years since, I have bought many different colors of heels. White ones, black ones, patent leather ones, sandal ones, even some really beautiful ones that are a cream satin with a big jewel on the front...I have a thing for shoes, don't make me count how many pairs I have, just take my word for it that it is a embarassingly HUGE number.

This last week,  I was going to a work conference and needed something to give my very plain black dress some pizzazz and of course needed some new shoes...... some say something shoes. (I know that scarf looks pink, but really it is red)

I looked in evey store in our mall and found the perfect ones! Red are they beautiful....

Now the embarrasing story, I knew I needed nude colors nylons to go with the dress and so I bought 2 pair, (in case I ran one) well last night getting ready for the awards dinner I opened the stockings and they were polka dot, and yes both pair..... You know how you get real HOT when these things happen? Your face just flames, oh crumb how could I make this work? Oh my I think I might die...well not die but passout maybe.... Well I did not wear the polka dots, I wore black ones and they were not the right color for red shoes, so the moral to this story is.....well I actually don't know the moral to the story, it might be... not to buy red shoes, but no that couldn't possibly be it. I guess it is to open your nylons before you leave the store to make sure they didn't sneak some polka dots on them. Yep that is it!!!

Cheers to Happy !!
(and go buy some red shoes, hurry)

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  1. That is the funniest story! How many shoes? I don't have that many; I should have more...