Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Wild Horse Monument

In Vantage Washington, just over the Columbia River and going up the other side there is a roadside view of the 'Wild Horse Monument' it is the best place. When driving over the Columbia

on Interstate 90 you start singing 'Roll on Columbia' and humming the words you don't know and then you say ' Oh look the wild horse monument' like you haven't said that a million times before. Today we stopped to take pictures....

Oh look a trail, well anyone who knows me for a minute knows I don't walk up hill, so I start around the other side to take another shot......

I was going to see what kind of shots I could get there,

There I got that one and no snakes, now back around and there right in front of my eyes is someone coming from the monument........

Yes the 'cutest boy in the world' went up there and got the most fabulous shots...see..

aren't they beautiful?

and then this one

doesn't he look like he is dancing?

and back down again!

That is such fun!

Cheers to Happy  !!

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  1. I remember a fun picnic we had up there. I love the wild horse monument. Thanks for the pictures, especially the ones from the top. (thank that cutest boy)