Sunday, October 11, 2009

Star Street Church on Sunny Sunday

I happened to drive by this church the other day and stopped to take pictures, I did a little research on this wonderful little known find in our area.....

The St Peter's Episcopal church in Tacoma is the oldest church in the town...It was built in 1873, on Starr Street, and took only 10 days. It is a very small one room church with a pot belly stove for heat. The land was donated,
 the wood, the organ and bell were donated. The building is only 21 feet by 45 feet. There was a fir tree next to the church and they cut it off at 48 feet and trimmed it up to serve as the bell tower. Although tied religiously to the Episcopal's, it has always served as a community church. Now this is a church I could attend, small, old, in the community and the best part they have a service on Sunday at 5p.m.

Here are some early shots of the church! The picture of the old church was taken when it was new and the other is the preacher and an elderly woman and young boy.

I love this picture! I guess the ivy got away from them!

This is a beautiful old postcard of the church, notice the
cable car tracks that ran up the hill right in front of it.

The church stands like this now, still so cute and clean!
Amazing for 136 years old.

Here is a shot of the bell tower, still with ivy all over the tree stump.
In the late 1800's the church advertised the 'oldest bell tower in America, they added the age of the tree with the age of the bell! Ha!

I tried to take this picture, although not to good you can still see inside to
see the wooden benches and wood stove.

I can just picture this church all decorated for Christmas, I can hardly wait!

Cheers to Happy  !!


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  1. What a cute little church. I bet they would love for you to help them decorate it when it gets close to Christmas. You are good at decorating; it would be a fun and nice thing to do.