Thursday, October 29, 2009

Thai Sticky Rice

I first started making this recipe when my kids were young and home, I had a friend, Thim, who is from Thailand and she taught me how to make it...she used to have ladies over for lunch and  I came early to help her cook. She taught me alot about thai cooking and about her native kids would form it into a ball and eat it that way, it is a FUN food....
you start by soaking the rice for about 2-4 hours or( longer is fine too), this is a step you can skip but I don't recommend it......experience talking here....

you buy this big 'urn', we are calling it an 'urn', I am sure there is another name, but I don't know it, (I do want to be there when you go to the asian store and ask for an 'Urn' and a 'Hat'), it is inexpensive and I think important for the steaming process. I have never made this rice any other way.
Fill the 'urn' with water up until where the curve starts to go in, about half way up the 'urn', and bring to a boil.

then you also buy this bamboo 'hat' at the asian store, and don't let your granddaughter put it on her head, then you have to rewash it, and it does wash up fine in hot soapy water, just let it air dry thoroughly before you put it away.

put the hat, in the sink, then empty the rice into the hat, and begin washing with clear water,

wash, wash, wash...

wash, wash, wash...(it looks like I was slicing beets, my red thumb)

how about rinse, rinse, rinse...

then place the 'hat' on the 'urn' and...

find a lid that can cover, I chose this nice glass one

and here it is, ready to go! (and whose old hand is that?)

boil for 40 minutes, make sure to cook it long enough,
and ......

you have very good, tender, sweet sticky rice from Thailand!

When you are at the asian store you buy the 'thai sweet rice' it is the one with gluten'
you can ask someone, (again I want to be there)
I use about 1 1/2 cups of rice and it about doubles in size as it soaks, and cooks,
this is very good and such a fun conversation piece.....I hope you make it!

Cheers to Happy  !!

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