Friday, October 16, 2009

Etsy.......the new Ebay?

Lose yourself in Etsy! The best site on the internet, for shoppers (and sellers)
It is a free site that specializes in handmade items.

The main page is sorted by can narrow down your search pretty easy.
Then it brings you to a say little shop, like a 'vintage gift tag set'. she has

the funnest shop on my opinion..

this is a halloween gift tag, very vintage, can
also be used as a book marker, the prices on etsy are very reasonable.

This cutie card,  another reproduction is so adorable, she has also garland that she made out of the cards that you can buy, again reasonable

Another way to search is by local, you type in your city and it brings up local sellers. This one is 'Bella' from Federal Way

She makes adorable childrens things, this one a halloween costume, again affordable and what a great picture it would make....

This is a great local shop on Etsy that has handmade jewelry, again cutting out the middle man and so affordable and beautiful, who needs Coldwater Creek? (ok well I do)

There is a heading to pick called Pounce, that is sellers who have just started selling and haven't sold anything yet and have very reasonable pricing..... These are some adorable vintage shoes..(don't be judgin' the poor ladies legs)

Another way to search is by has featured shops as chosen by the other shopkeepers...check out this adorable looks like a rose.

I love this refurbished fan, I sure wish I would have seen this beauty before buying a special someones birthday present, it would have been perfect!

Now have I convinced you yet to go check out the funnest shopping experience you can have
sitting in front of a warm fire sipping hot chocolate, in your pajamas?

Cheers to Happy  !!

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